IY AMM Coaching Team 

IY AMM Youth Organization's coaches and staff are highly-trained, experienced and dedicated to the success of our program.

Coach Jason Hurns

Founder: IY AMM Youth Organization

Head Trainer 



Motivator, Team Builder, Instill Confidence, Endurance Training, Shooting, Dribbling, Improving Quickness, Dunking  


High School

Robidoux High School, CA

Klein High School, TX



San Bernardino Valley

Men's Basketball 

Collegiate Athlete 2006-08 


Univesity of Houston

Men's Basketball

Collegiate Athlete 2008-09


Professional Athlete 

Nicaragua - 2012

Honduras - 2012

NBA Playoff Commerical - 2013

UnKnown Champion (Movie) - 2015 

Havoc, Atlanta, GA - 2015

Nicaragua - 2015 



Jason has been training college, high school and youth basketball players since 2011. He has worked with players of all levels, while using his collegiate and professional background in the sport to teach the game and mentor through motivational and positive approaches.


His clients have used his training techniques and mentoring advice to go on to successful professional, college and high school careers. Additionally, through his teaching experience, he has been able to resonate with young and mature athletes in ways that prepare them to be more productive people and solid citizens. His clients have not only benefitted on the basketball court, but in the classroom and in society. 

Jim McCurdy 

Media Relations Professional 



Prepare articles and press releases for media. 

Create effective communication channels.

Cultivate and enchance collaborative working relationships within the press and publicity community. 



Jim is a seasoned media relations professional and promotionals specialist. He also has an extensive media background as a sports writer. In 2016, he successfully ran a month-long campaign that landed a men's basketball player a spot in the College Slam Dunk Championships on ESPN. He has promoted numerous athletes and coaches for National, Regional and Conference Player of he Year Awards as well as All-American and All-Region and All-Conference honors.

DeVoe Armstrong 

Coach/Professional Athlete



Leader, Motivator, Dribbling, Shooting, Strength and Conditioning 



Ohio Mid-Western College

Men's Basketball

College Athlete 2014-15


Profssional Athlete  

Chihuahua Mexico Tour Team - 2015

Nicaragua - Houston Blaze LNB - 2016

Nicaragua Panteras - 2016

Bosnia - 2017



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